It’s official!  The 1st annual 2Toms “Worst Blister Challenge” has ended!  And did we get some of the nastiest entries ever!

Don’t know what the “Worst Blister Challenge” is?  Well you should!!  It is a contest we hosted on Facebook.  We wanted to see your nastiest blister!  So we asked for contestants to take a picture and enter it into the contest.  Then the pictures were voted on!  Not by us… by the fans!  The contestant with the most votes by the end of the contest won a 2Toms Care Package full of blister and chafing prevention products!

So today is the day!  After tallying all the votes… the winner is (drum roll please)…

Sue Dziuban of St. Charles, IL!

She got that nasty blister during Mile #8 of the Boston Marathon this year!  Can you imagine running with that thing on your foot?!  OUCH!!

Well Sue .. Congratulations on winning!  Sometimes Blisters can be a good thing.  Hopefully next year Sue, you won’t have the same issue at Boston!  Hopefully you’ll be using 2Toms products!

Thank you to everyone that entered our 1st Annual Worst Blister Challenge!  We had a blast looking at all the photos!  And we hope you had fun looking at them!  Hopefully they didn’t gross you out too much!


Thanks for entering, happy running, and may you never experience another blister again!

Remember, 2Toms can stop blisters and chafing before it even starts!