I am an Olympics junkie. I am recording everything and watching at least some of every event happening in London. In the past couple of days, I have watched fencing, badminton, gymnastics, water polo, synchronized diving, volleyball, beach volleyball, handball, swimming, cycling and equestrian events. But, I have to say, my surprise favorite has been cycling — the men’s and women’s road races in particular.

Maybe it’s because I’m just starting to get interested in biking more or maybe it’s that fear of cycling that I’ve always had, but I was just glued to the Olympic road race. The men’s race was 150 miles (about six hours) and the women’s was 87 (about three hours and most of it was in the pouring rain). I watched while I did housework. While I made lunch. While I folded laundry. That’s a lot of watching.

Don’t worry, I won’t spoil the ending for you in case you recorded it and intend to watch it later, but here are some of the thoughts I had during the two exciting cycling races:

  • Six hours? How bad do their butts hurt?
  • How fast are they going? (At some times, 50 mph!)
  • What is a “peloton”? (I just learned that a peloton is the French word for the main pack of riders in a cycling race.)
  • What kind of bike tires are those?
  • Man, I bet they get some chafing! (Especially riding 87 miles in the pouring rain!)
  • How do they coordinate with each other on who’s turn it is to lead? Don’t they speak different languages?
  • That fuel hand-off looks dangerous!
  • Those women are my age! I still have a shot at Olympic cycling! (Not.)
  • How do you peel a banana while riding a bike at 50 mph?
  • This reminds me of NASCAR.
  • How do you catch up to the pack after falling off your bike?

(By the way, if you know the answers to some of my questions, please feel free to comment below!)

Click the link if you are interested in watching some highlights of the women’s Olympic cycling road race.

Click the link if you want to see highlights and the winner of the men’s Olympic cycling road race.