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  •  Trail & Ultra Running – April 2016
    “As runners it is an accepted truth that the right product for the job is the one you don’t even know you’re using while running. BlisterShield allowed both of our testers to focus on the course, orienteering, and staying ahead of time-cutoffs, instead of on their feet. Then, days after the race, neither showed any foot issues, while other racers who traveled the same distance displayed significant problems as a result of participating in the event.It is rare that we give a 5 out of 5 on any product, but we are confident in our review of 2Toms BlisterShield and the value it adds to the success of a race or long run.”
    – Craig
  • Enjoylife.co.za – April 2016
    Leading up to the race I was concerned that chafing would become a problem, as the first river crossing is quite early in the Challenge and from there on you are running in sopping wet clothes, socks and sneakers. Fortunately the SportShield from 2Toms arrived just in time, and I completed the epic race without any chafing or blisters.”
  • SugarStride.com
    “I’ve tried so many different anti-chaffing products and this one is above and beyond better than all others. Stop the chafe”
    – Jessica
  • Heather – HeatherRunsThirteenPointOne.com
    The Roll-On applicator is fantastic! It’s so easy to apply wherever you want and is fragrance-free and long lasting. It feels so silky and nice. I’ve found not all anti-chafe products have a nice feel.  I haven’t had any problems since I started using 2Toms. It’s amazing. No more surprises when I jump in the shower. Thank goodness. There’s no sticky residue and doesn’t feel gross, but it washes right off with my loofah and soap.
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2Toms Testimonials





“The 2Toms Stink Free spray is amazing.  I have brought back several favorite shoes from the “throw away” pile by using it.  After 3 treatments, the stink was gone and they moved back into the house.  

After a rainy Peachtree Road Race, 60,000 runners marched though a field that became a quagmire.  I was certain that my muddy soggy shoes were through.  After a soak in the 2Toms detergent & two treatments of 2Toms Stink Free spray, they are back in service, 2 months later.”

Jeff Galloway, Olympian

“I am a board certified Podiatrist and have never been able to run comfortably. Since using 2Toms blister shield a I am running with comfort.  I was able to do the UA 5K last month. Thanks, love your product.”

–  Dr. Peter Hoffman, MD

Blister Shield worked. Over 50 miles in rain and mud. Still no blisters. I didn’t believe it until I tried out. Amazing stuff! Thanks 2Toms!!

– Jay C.

As a distance runner, there are many things that I need to focus on during training runs or in races — proper hydration, maintaining a consistent pace, replenishing calories burned.  I cannot devote energy to worrying about chafing.  After trying other products and suffering the negative side effects after my run, a fellow runner suggested using Sport Shield.  I am happy to say that thanks to 2Toms Formula, I was able to run to a PR in the 2015 Bank of America Chicago Marathon.  Thank you, Sport Shield!

— Michael A

The 2Toms StinkFree Spray worked great on my shoes and used them on my boyfriend’s shoes too and no smell.  So far my favorite is the StinkFree Spray for my shoes because that is one issue after working out my shoes smell.

— Amanda S

 “Keith [Kirby] gave me a bottle of your SportShield anti-chafe last year while training for Impossible2Possible Expedition Africa to Botswana. I used the SportShield on my long training runs leading up to the expedition and every  day during our 320 km run across the Kalahari Desert. In over 20 years of competing in endurance sports including Ironman triathlon, 50 mile, 100 km and 100 mile ultras and twice finishing second place in the worlds toughest footrace the 135 mile Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley Ca. I have never found a anti-chafe product that works as well as SportShield.”

                                                                            – Ferg Hawke – B.C, Canada

“I ran a race on Sunday and used my towelette … I decided to fold it back up put it in the package and carry it with me “just in case” I was so happy because at about mile six I realized I forgot to put some under my arms… thinking it was probably to late to help since it felt pretty raw but decided to used it anyway. I was so glad I couldn’t believe how great it worked! Long response but just wanted you to know I am a believer!”

– Zoe Cofer, Galloway Training Group Director – MO

“your blister powder is amazing!!!  LOVE IT!  not to be over-dramatic but it is TRULY life changing and freeing!  i have suffered blisters ALL MY LIFE don’t know why but i have tried everything and nothing works – spent massive money on new shoes, socks, etc… nothing!   this allows me to hike and walk for hours PROBLEM FREE and i have actually lost a lot of weight since I purchased this a few months ago!!!…thank you sooo much for developing a product that WORKS!!!”

–  Emily –  Seattle, WA

“I am a terrible chaffer when I do more than 6 miles… used vaseline with some success but this past week I ran my 14 mile training run using SportShield. Worked great!

Also my wife’s running bras stunk and she wanted to throw them away they were so bad but didn’t want to have to buy new ones. I used the detergent and now my wife is very happy to have the smell gone. “

– Paul Shearman, Galloway Training Group Director – TX